Hot Runners in Injection Molding

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At NPE, GÜNTHER Hot-Runner Technology will promote energy efficiency and flexibility in mold designing, particularly in the medical market.

The following products will be shown: hot runner nozzles for side gating–OktaFlow® and PektaFlow®; fast multi-point valve gating with magnet technology and SM servo motors; and the NEST single valve-gate nozzle.

Used for direct side gating, the especially cost-efficient and space-saving multi-tip nozzles from the OktaFlow® and PektaFlow® series reliably eliminate the “cold slugs” which normally cause problems in production. Both series have some characteristics in common: they can be used in combination with a heated adapter or in combination with a manifold for multi-cavity injection moulding tools. When processing filled materials there is an option of using wear-resistant nozzle tips to assure a long service life in continuous operation. The tips can be replaced individually. The sealing ensures good colour change behaviour.

The pneumatically driven NEST valve-gate nozzle offers the utmost in process reliability in the processing of high-quality challenging materials. At the maximum processing temperature >320 °C, it covers a wide range of materials; nozzle diameters from 5 to 12 millimetres and a length of up to 250 millimetres allow a great diversity of moulded parts and mould designs.

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